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I Dont Like Starring In Biopics Says Charan Biopics are blasting their way to success at the box office and filmmakers across the country are busy with different biopics on prominent personalities as movie lovers are getting connected to them. ... July 17, 2018 Category: Telugu Movie News
Ravi Teja Remake Movie Stopped Indefinitely Mass Maha Raja Raviteja is known for his mass action entertainers and he makes sure to release at least a film every year. But it seems he is changing his strategy after reeling under string of flops ... July 17, 2018 Category: Raviteja
Nags New Ad For Kalyan Jewellers Projecting Honesty It’s a known thing that Nagarjuna has been the face of Kalyan Jewellers’ advertisements since long. A brand new advertisement was released featuring Nagarjuna as an old man who goes to the... July 17, 2018 Category: Nagarjuna
Sri Reddy Leaks Names Of Star Heroines Sri Reddy targeted Kollywood with #TamilLeaks. Murugadoss, Hero Srikanth and Lawrence are her newest victims. Trolls slammed Sri Reddy by questioning how could she blame the entire Industry just becau... July 17, 2018 Category: Sri Reddy