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From his first marriage to Reena Dutta, actor Aamir Khan has two children Ira Khan and Junaid Khan. And now, his children bond quite well with Aamir and his present wife Kiran Rao too.

Other day Aamir and his daughter Ira, aged 21, played wrestling and the in the ensuing Dangal, his daughter has beaten him. And those pictures have turned out on the social media too, and none know that they will invite such criticism. Apparently, some netizens commented that Aamir's picture is unacceptable, as it is quite 'haraam' in the month of Ramzan to pose this way. 

While the picture got nothing to say other than that the father and daughter are sharing some lighter moments, some comments read "Respect you and your dedication towards your hard work in acting. But this is unaccepted". Aamir shared these pictures while celebrating director Mansoor Khan (Qayamat se Qayamat Tak) 60th birthday, where the entire cast of the film except Juhi Chawla gathered there. 

And there are those who supported Aamir Khan big time, commenting, "This is too adorable. A father and daughter bond is precious". 



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