My Phone Was Taken, But STARS Were Taking Selfies With Modi- SP Balu
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The meeting of PM Narendra Modi on October 20th with that of Bollywood stars where he called it as a meeting with Indian Cinema's representatives, hasn't gone well with South India film folks. Also with Upasana's tweet that highlighted how Modi has ignored south superstars, the issue became a talked one.

Guess what, it looks like Modi wanted to cool down the heat and invited South folks as well to some meetings at his residence. If we have to believe legendary Telugu singer SP Balasubrahmanyam, he too is said to have attended the meet as media baron Ramoji Rao got him invited for the same.

SPB revealed through a Facebook post that actually Modi's personal security took the phones of everyone that attended the meeting and issued them tokens for the same. He shot back his angst asking how the phones of Bollywood stars were allowed then. "I was bewildered at the STARS taking selfies with the PM on that day" shared SPB.

One wonders why the BJP ruler of the country has so much bias against the South states and the celebs hailing from here.



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