Petrol And Diesel Prices Hit New Record In Telugu States
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The prices of petrol rose 30 paise per litre, while diesel has been hiked by 39 paise per litre with effect from 11 February. Domestic energy prices rose for the fourth day in a row. With this, the petrol price in Hyderabad touched Rs 91.65 and diesel Rs 85.50 respectively.  In Delhi, the price of petrol was increased to Rs 88.14 from Rs 87.85 per litre, while diesel rates were hiked by Rs 78.38 from Rs 78.03 per litre.  In Mumbai, petrol and diesel rates stood at Rs 94.64 per litre and Rs 85.32 per litre.

On the other hand, crude oil prices fell in the international market. Brent crude fell 0.61 per cent to $ 60.77 a barrel. WTI crude fell 0.69 per cent to $ 57.84 a barrel.

Prices Of Petrol And Diesel In India

Petrol (per litre)    Diesel (per litre)

Rs 91.65    Rs 85.50

Rs 94.34    Rs 87.67

Rs 93.90    Rs 87.27

Rs 88.14    Rs 78.38

Rs 94.64    Rs 85.32

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