What Is The Farmer Protest 'toolkit' Tweeted By Greta Thunberg?
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Activist Disha Ravi was recently arrested by the Delhi Police for a ‘toolkit document’ that she shared with Swedish activist Greta Thunberg. The toolkit was first highlighted after Thunberg tweeted a link to it but soon after deleted the post. 

'Toolkit' is a term activists use for a campaign information document. It is a valuable resource that can be used to sustain a campaign or movement, used mostly on the internet. 

In this case, Greta Thunberg shared a link to the toolkit on the farmer’s protest which, was found to contain some pro-Khalistani elements.

The toolkit shared by the activists tries to explain the farmers’ protest to those who don’t know the reason behind the agitation.

Disha’s role came under suspicion by Delhi Police after climate activist Thunberg tweeted a toolkit document which the police alleged had led to the January 26 violence in New Delhi.

On Sunday (February 14, 2021), Ravi was presented before a Delhi Court that remanded her five days of police custody. Disha Ravi broke down inside the courtroom and told the judge that she had edited only two lines and she wanted to support the farmers’ protest.

The Delhi Police believe that Disha, with the help of lawyer Nikita Jacob and engineer Shantanu Mallick played key roles in the circulation of the document. The police also claim that the group worked with the pro-Khalistan outfit Poetic Justice Foundation.

"A team reached Mumbai and conducted searches at her (Nikita Jacob) residence on February 11. She and her associates Shantanu and Disha had created the document. The email account created by Shantanu is the owner of this document all others are its editors," the police said in a press conference recently held.

The police investigating the matter claim that pro-Khalistani groups are attempting to use the farmers’ protests to cause chaos and divide the nation. The farmers have been protesting the new farm bills since August 2020 and have refused to stop until all their demands are met.

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