Can PK Boost Jagan Electoral Prospects
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If the recent outcomes of Jagan's political statements are anything to go by, his political immaturity and inexperience are evident to the core. Perhaps, having known his own weaknesses, Jagan had made a smart move of roping in political strategist Prashant Kishor. But no use it seems.

Considering that the image of YCP has fallen in recent times, many YCP fans are wondering what is really PK doing? They're questioning where is Prashant Kishor and what is he advising Jagan at this crucial juncture ahead of 2019 polls.

Going back in the past, Jagan had formally hired PK in July 2017. By then PK had a hat-trick with Modi (2014), Nitish Kumar (2015) and Punjab's Amarinder Singh (2017). And of course, the poor show of Congress in UP despite PK on their side.

After PK's entry, there is no change in YCP's fortune. In fact, the party continues its lull phase. The Nandyal by-poll defeat has indeed shocked Jagan & Co who had high expectations. If this isn't enough, the lukewarm response to Jagan's Padayatra too left the party wondering whether PK's team is really helpful to YCP.

In addition to the above, Jagan's personal comments on Pawan and his opinion on Kapu Reservations have backfired miserably. Even hard-core fans of Jagan are finding it difficult to cover-up Jagan's comments. And of course, his decision to boycott Assembly session and his move to get his Lok Sabha MPs quit instead of fighting for AP's cause are all seen as political blunders.

Also it is rumoured that Jagan is acting on his own without following Prashant Kishor's strategies. This is a constant complaint on Jagan that he wouldn't pay a heed to others. And on other hand, it is buzzed that Prashant Kishor is back with the BJP. It is reported that PK is now busy helping Modi-Shah twain and at the same-time Nitish in Bihar. Even the by-poll result in Bihar is a major setback to Nitish as well as Prashant Kishor.

Amidst this, can Prashant Kishor help Jagan in image makeover and can he boost Jagan's electoral prospects? That's a million dollar question for now.




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