Gali Bhanu Prakash Vs Gali Jagadish Prakash In Nagari Constituency
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Baahubali is being played out in Chittoor district! Yes! The story is same. The king is dead and the dowager queen has two sons. Both want to be kings and Sivagami supports the younger son. But, the deprived son demonstrates his strength. So, who will be the king? If it's Bahubali, you can know this on the silver screen. But, if its politics, you have to go to Nagari to see who gets the throne.

The TDP in Nagari is witnessing an interesting family drama. TDP biggie Gali Muddu Krrishnanaidu is dead and his wife Saraswatamma is now the MLC on compassionate grounds quota. But, who will get the TDP ticket in 2019 from Nagari? Gali's two sons - elder one Bhanuprakash and younger Jagadeesh are vying for the post like Bhallala and Bahubali. But, the problem is Sivagami is rooting for Jagadeesh. She has gone on record saying that Jagadeesh will be party candidate from Nagari in 2019 elections. The party leadership had chided her for the premature announcement.

But, Bhanu Prakash is not one to take things lying down. He organized a massive show of strength in the constituency and showed that though his mom is on Jagadeesh's side, the people are with him.

With this, what was till now confined to the four walls of Gali's mansion, is now out in the public domain. The latest is that Bhanu Prakash is tryng to curry favour with Lokesh Babu. So, what will be the outcome of this political Bahubali is anybody's guess.




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