Gallas Speech Disrupted By TRS
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It's a D-day for Modi government as the No-Confidence Motion moved by TDP has been taken up for the discussion. Guntur MP Galla Jayadev, who is a good orator, has kick started the debate on a perfect note with good vocabulary. However, Jayadev has faced objection from the fellow TRS MPs who opposed to Jayadev's remarks that AP was divided unilaterally, asymmetrically, arbitrarily, by passing the AP Reorganizing Act in bulldozing manner by throwing out MPs of AP during debate, closing the doors of the house and blocking the telecast.

Guntur MP Galla Jayadev said it is a war against the injustice meted out to the people of Andhra Pradesh. Jayadev said, "It is not a war between TDP and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), but between morality and majority. Motion of no confidence is against the lack of fairness, lack of trust, lack of unbiased approach towards Andhra Pradesh."

Whilst Jayadev was speaking about the manner in which AP was bifurcated by Congress in an undemocratic manner, TRS MPs Kavitha and others have protested. Even as Jayadev continued his speech that Telangana state was gained due to bifurcation and AP was grossly neglected and done injustice to AP, TRS MPs obstructed Jayadev. The TRS MPs even jumped into the well to protest. 

While Congress remained silent all the way despite severe comments of Jayadev against its previous act, TRS MPs severely protested and made slogans disrupting the Jayadev's speech. Speaker Sumitra Mahajan assured Jayadev that only Jayadev's speech would go on record and told TRS MPs words won't be recorded. Speaker persuaded TRS MPs that an opportunity would be given to them later to speak. TRS MPs were convinced initially but later when Jayadev raised the comparison between the state of AP and Telangana post division, they are back to protest.

However, Jayadev gave a stentorian speech in the Lok Sabha winning the hearts of the people of AP. Jayadev said he is representing the 5.5 Crore people of Andhra Pradesh.



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