Pawan Surprised All With A Simple Tweet Response For Jagans Comments
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A couple of days back, YSRCP President YS Jagan launched a full throttle attack on film star and Janasena President Pawan Kalyan's personal life. Jagan said that Pawan changes his wives every 4, 5 years just like how he changes his cars.

Yesterday, Pawan said that he will make a statement about Jagan's comments today. While everyone was expecting a press meet full of fiery salvos, Pawan surprised everyone by simply tweeting a small screenshot about the entire issue.

Pawan claimed that he never targets anyone personally for his political gains. The actor turned politician urged his deeply upset fans to not abuse Jagan and the women in his family in retaliation. Pawan also requested everyone to put an end to the entire controversy.

However, Pawan's unspirited counter to Jagan's nasty personal attack seems to have disappointed his fans. Many opined that Pawan should have given a fitting retort to Jagan just to shut the opposition's mouth forever. 



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