Ram Mohan Naidu Hindi Speech Left All Shocked In Parliament
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Young and first-time Parliamentarian Ram Mohan Naidu's Hindi speech in the Lok Sabha has become the talking point. Without seeing the script, Ram Mohan Naidu's natural, flawless speech in Hindi has left many shocked. Be it the clarity or the perfect choice of words or, Naidu appeared to be a native Hindi speaker. At the same time, the substance in his speech is what is winning him applause.

Stunned by Ram Mohan Naidu's speech, several MPs from other parties have personally congratulated him for his well-articulated and well-prepared speech in the house. His straight questions to Modi and the Council of Ministers have won him fans from AP. Ram Mohan Naidu has also exposed the BJP MP Hari Babu and his "blatant" lies on the floor of the house that a state with Special Category Status won't get tax benefits. Ram Mohan Naidu exposed Hari Babu talking against the state and his own constituency of Visakhapatnam by taking their party's side. Throughout Naidu' speech, everyone including senior-most Parliamentarians like LK Advani had paid heed, full attention.

After his late father Yerran Naidu who was a great loyalist to party and was a people's man, son Ram Mohan Naidu is following his father's footsteps and growing quickly in the party and is winning praises in Delhi circuits. Many are saying that Chandrababu Naidu and TDP has got a big asset in form of Ram Mohan Naidu as his oratory skills and his command over Hindi could help the party to communicate well with the national parties and other parties in North.



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